How it works


How it works



The chords in the song are shown as a table and in a photo. The numbers on the table show exactly which finger you should place on which string. The photo shows the position of the hand

Fingers of the left hand

Chords can be played in the open position or as barre chords.

G chord in the open position.

G chord as a barre chord

The chord sound the best starting from the bass string.


Every piece of music has its own rhythm. For example, many songs have similar chords, but the rhythm and repetitions of the chords make the songs completely different. In our teaching system, the rhythm of the right hand is indicated by arrows.

The arrows indicate in wich direction and how many times the guitar strings should be pulled. As a rule, only one right-handed rhytm is used in the song. For each song, the rhytms in all the songs are shown in the same way

See how the rhythm shown should be played


Once the rhythm of the song is in place, all the chords must be played according to the rhythm shown and as many times as the song calls for.

Three step video course

In the first video ( Step 1 ) you'll play with your right hand playing only the first strums of the song, while background is playing.

In the second video ( Step 2 ) you'll learn, how to repeat the strumming pattern with your right hand.

See In the third video ( Step 3 ) you'll play the song faster, at the original speed.