My story

The story began more than 22 years ago with a lousy job at musical instruments store. After some time had gone by I noticed that clients who bought guitars were also desperate about guidance. So I started to figure out how to teach those dummies with no real knowledge about notes or guitar play. It was obvious from the start that everybody were secretly wishing to start playing their favorite songs right away. That is why I started to create learning materials and teaching how to play songs using arrows, signs etc.I suprisingly discovered so many great pop songs who were played very easily even by their authors and musicians. With years I created a program for beginners and also for more advanced students. When it comes to learning it is critical to play with background music. I started from originals and evolved over time creating my very own handmade backgrounds to famous songs with a great feeling. I also made backgrounds with various speeds to enable learning for students with very different skillset. is meant for beginners and hobby players offering them information and necessary support to start playing great songs the easy way. You cant fail with this unique method proven by thousands of students, so are you ready to start?

Janno Pais

Musician and guitar teacher